Green Technology

Green Technology

Green Technology deals with the use and application of tools and projects that are environmentally friendly.
Green engineering is the design, commercialization, and use of processes and products in a way that minimizes pollution, promotes sustainability, and protects human health without sacrificing economic viability and efficiency (based on EPA).

Principles of Green Engineering

Designers should make sure to design processes in which all the inlet and outlet energy flows are harmless.
Products, Processes and systems should be designed in the way that maximizes the material, energy, space, and time efficiency. Also design for extra capacity or extra ability should be considered as a fault in design. Diversity of materials in multi-component products should be minimized to keep the value and separation of components.
Design of processes, products and systems should take into account integrity and relation with available energy and material flows and after the lifetime has the ability to commercialize and reuse. Inlet energy flows should be renewable and not depleting.

Green engineering processes and products (based on EPA):
• Holistically use systems analysis and integrate environmental impact assessment tools.
• Conserve and improve natural ecosystems while protecting human health and well-being.
• Use life-cycle thinking in all engineering activities.
• Ensure that all material and energy inputs and outputs are as inherently safe and benign as possible.
• Minimize depletion of natural resources.
• Strive to prevent waste.
Additionally, green engineering:
• Develops and applies engineering solutions while being cognizant of local geography, aspirations, and cultures.
• Creates engineering solutions beyond current or dominant technologies; improves, innovates, and invents (technologies) to achieve sustainability.
• Actively engages communities and stakeholders in the development of engineering solutions.

Reasons for holding the conference

Iran as a developing country with huge resources of oil and gas needs to develop its industry especially in the fields related tooil, gas, and petrochemicals. Industrial development is the only way that reduces unemployment rate in developing countries.
Emergingtechnologiesafter the sanctions termination will grow fast, especially in petrochemical industry.
Long effect of unsustainable development of industry on environment is negative. Climate change is a result of the negative effects of environment.
Climate change is a global concern and solving this issue needs cooperation of all countries in order to implementdifferent international treaties.
There are serious treats for Iran inimplementing international treaties which needs to be considered.