Conference Ssubject Lines

Conference on Engineering & Green Technologies for a Sustainable Future
(Petrochemical Industry)

Conference delegates will present papers in technical sessions. The initial subject areas are:

1- Sustainable development in petrochemical Industry in IRAN
1.1 - Spatial planning and petrochemical industry
1.2- Plant assessment and decision making based on sustainable engineering
1.3- Environmental risk assessment of petrochemical plants
1.4- Effect of environmental concerns on petrochemical market
1.5- National and international environmental regulations which effects on market
1.6- Environmental culture and market
1.7- Finite resources (non-renewable) and market
1.8- Climate change and market

2- Green products and processes
2.1- Green products (biodegradable polymers, green solvents, green catalysts, …)
2.2- Environmental factors in process selection (resource consumption, waste minimization, pollution reduction, …)
2.3- Application of modeling and simulation in environmental assessment of processes
2.4- Green technologies and petrochemical industry (nanotechnology, biotechnology…)
2.5- Sustainable engineering as an aspect of engineering disciplines
2.6- Ethical principles in engineering education
2.7- Education influence on furtherance principles of green engineering

3- Optimization of processes in petrochemical industry
3.1- Flare gas recovery and minimization
3.2- Managing and optimization of resources consumption (Energy ,water…)
3.3- Waste minimization
3.4- Waste Reduction, Recycling & Recovery
3.5- Environmental pollution control methods
3.6- Life cycle assessment
3.7- Carbon footprint

4- Environmental impacts of petrochemical industry
4.1- Air quality
4.2- Water resources
4.3- Soil
4.4- Waste