Message from Chairman

We have witnessed great steps being recently taken toward attacking the environmental problems that our nation is facing, particularly in metropolitan areas. However, through close collaboration between universities, industries and the government, major strides could be made in the direction of solving these problems.”         The president, Year 2015

In the name of God

Although the recent century in human history with the main goal of development and progress has resulted in rapid and unprecedented changes in the industry, regardless of the environmental issues, these changes have had a negative impact on the earth and the environment. Thus, the world`s attention has been drawn to the environmental problems. As a result, for the first time in 1987, the embryonic form of the concepts of “sustainable development” was mentioned in a report by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and development and found a special place in the environmental literature. Unfortunately, in our beloved country, academics and industrialists have had scant attention to this concept.

So, in order to promote this concept and also due to the rapid growth of transportation of knowledge in the country in the post-sanction era; The Department of Chemical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology ,the university which has been known as “The Iran`s mother industrial university” with the slogan of “The leader in sustainable development in the country” has the honor of hosting the first conference on “Green Engineering Technologies for a Sustainable Future” on 10-11th of November 2015, with the collaboration of industry leaders in the country such as, The National Iranian Petrochemical Company, National Environmental Facility and Petrochemical Research & Technology Company. It is hoped that through exchange of valuable ideas of experts and specialists, a concrete foundation in the field of green chemical engineering and more emphatically in the oil and petrochemical industry could be created. Hence, the environmental aspirations in the development plan of “The wisdom and hope government “could become closer to the reality of solving the problems of our country. The effort today would lead to a green and sustainable future for our further generations.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Bahram Nasernejad,  Septamber 2015